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What is General Transcription?

Annual general body business meetings, quarterly financial meetings, public issues, conferences, focus groups, and investor presentations are some examples of documents that are transcribed by General Transcriptionists.

In addition, infomercial video files are also examples, and are usually easier to transcribe because you can actually see who's speaking while transcribing. This makes it easier to identify each speaker.

I've transcribed quite a few TV infomercials, celebrity groups, and one-on-one interviews, and commercials. I really enjoyed transcribing these types of documents. I've learned so much transcribing from various sound files.

The knowledge that I've gained from being a General Transcriptionist is priceless. The topics that I've transcribed are just too numerous to mention .

Transcribing From D igital Files

In the past, micro and mini cassettes were used to record data and then sent to the transcriptionist to be transcribed. Today many companies are digitizing their cassette tapes, and switching to digital equipment .

The reason why they are switching is because tapes can be misplaced or become lost. When a file is digitized it can be uploaded to the Internet immediately for easy access to the transcriptionist, and a copy can be kept for a period of time. Without the physical constraints of tapes clients are not limited to local transcriptionists .

Digital files can be downloaded to a transcriptionist's PC almost immediately after recording via the Internet.  It doesn't matter where in the world the transcriptionist lives because as long s they have Internet access they can download the files and start working on it immediately. 

After transcribing the document it is then uploaded back to the client's web site via an FTP server, email attachment, etc.

Increase Your Typing Speed

If your typing speed is very slow, you can practice on www.typingmaster.com to increase your typing speed. Remember the old saying, "Practice makes perfect." Practice, practice, and practice some more until your fingers get weary.

If you can't type at all you can visit Office Max, Office Depot, Staples, etc., and purchase a Mavis Beacon typing course on CD. I'm sure there's a variety of others you can choose from, but I highly recommend Mavis Beacon's collection.

At www.softwareoutlet.com  you will also find the Mavis Beacon typing software for as little as $5.99. It depends on what sale they have at the time you visit the site.

To find the software on the site please type in the words, "Mavis Beacon," in the keyword search box and a list of her courses will appear on the web site. After purchasing the software and practicing for several weeks your speed will definitely increase .

Start Working From Home as a General Transcriptionist in as Little as 30 Days!

Do you think you've got what it takes to be a General Transcriptionist? If you are really interested in general transcription, but don't have any of the prerequisite skills (listed below), and would like to learn, and you would like to start working in as little as 30 days, I highly recommend our general transcription training course at www.e-businessmoms.com .

If you already have the prerequisite skills needed to be a General/Business Transcriptionist, you can actually download a sample sound file from http://www.tigerfish.com/employment.html .

This is actually a test. Once you complete the sample test you can return your completed document to Tigerfish.com. You can be hired to work from home as a general transcriptionist in as little as 15 days depending on how well you do on your test.

Once you're a skilled general transcriptionist you would never be out of a job. You will find in this directory a list of companies that hire transcriptionists on an ongoing basis. 

You can train to become a general transcriptionist in as little as 30 days by downloading the Work At Home Transcription e-book found at http://www.e-businessmoms.com

You can request practice sound files by sending and email to mailto:info@e-businessmoms.com and put the words, "Need General Transcription Practice Sound Files," in the subject line.  You will then receive practice sound files along with the proofed documents via email.  This way you can compare your work to the proofed documents .


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